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Lending 2 Hands Welcomes You

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Everyone needs love

We are there to help when no one else is

Since our launch this year the team at Lending 2 Hands has worked tirelessly to promote our cause. We are fortunate to have volunteers and staff from all walks of life who bring their unique expertise and resources into everything we do. This is what enables us to achieve our goals.

While there is always more that can be done, there is no doubt that we are making a significant impact. We don’t measure our success through just facts and figures, but through happy faces and heartwarming feedback. See how you can become part of the difference.

Always there Lending 2 Hands 

Working with love and empathy ❤️ is the best way to reach any community.

Here at Lending 2 Hands, we are driven to do our part in making the world a better place. We have taken part in a wide range of activities that empower individuals and communities. We strive to build productive relationships and make a positive impact with all of our pursuits. Are you ready to join us and create real transformation in the lives of so many?

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Mission Statement

Our strength lies not only in the words we stand by, but most importantly in the actions of our initiatives. From the moment we started our work in 2023, we understood that by working together we could overcome our challenges much more efficiently, and that is why we ultimately decided to launch Lending 2 Hands. We strive to make a positive change in all of our pursuits. 
We are here to make a commitment to change and help those who need it most with empathy and compassion...

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Our Vision

At Lending 2 Hands, our vision is to make a difference in the lives of the unhoused community. We are dedicated to helping those in need and giving back to society. Through our various initiatives and programs, we strive to provide support, resources, and opportunities for individuals to rebuild their lives. Our commitment to our core values and our passion for creating positive change sets us apart. Join us in our mission to create a better future for everyone.

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Making Change Possible

Our vision is to live according to our inner wisdom and judgment, guided by the principles of love, compassion, and selflessness. Our ultimate goal is to help our unhoused guests and formerly incarcerated individuals access the resources necessary to make meaningful changes in their lives.

In order to achieve this vision, we uphold the following core values:

Patience: We believe that change takes time, and we patiently support individuals in their journey towards a better life.

Courage: We embrace the challenges faced by our guests and encourage them to face their own obstacles with courage and resilience.

Gratitude: We appreciate the support from our community and express gratitude for the opportunities we receive to make a difference.

Growth: We continuously strive to learn and grow, both as an organization and as individuals, in order to maximize our impact.

Self-giving: We prioritize the needs of our guests above all else, generously giving our time, energy, and resources to support their well-being.

Vision: We remain steadfast in our commitment to our guiding principles and keep our eyes focused on the future we aim to create.

Strength: We empower our guests to find their inner strength and develop the skills necessary to rebuild their lives.

Ways We Help

The Focus of Our Efforts

We are seeking partnerships with CBO agencies in the Sacramento County area.



Helping Those Who Need Us Most

Lending 2 Hands is a leader in the sector and ensures that local needs and priorities come first. Our Education program offers a much-desired platform for people who deserve it most. Become a part of a brighter future and join our efforts today.



The Future Looks Bright

The Volunteering program is our longest running initiative, based on the premise that making a real difference is not only possible but vital. At Lending 2 Hands, Volunteering is a source of great pride for our Non-Profit.

Local Empowerment

Making Change Possible

Feeling like there are countless pressing issues that no single program could make a marked difference? Our Local Empowerment initiative has proven to be a powerful tool for Lending 2 Hands to successfully serve our community and improve countless lives.


Capacity Building

Change for the Better

Through our Capacity Building program, we have the potential to make real and positive change. This is one of our key areas of focus here at Lending 2 Hands, and a source of much success for our Non-Profit.

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Winter Donation Event

Help Us Make a Difference

Join us in our winter donation charity event and make a positive impact in the lives of those in need. We are committed to lending a helping hand to those who are less fortunate. Your support will enable us to provide warm clothing, blankets, and essential supplies to individuals and families facing hardship during the cold winter months. Together, we can bring warmth and hope to those who need it the most.

Our Services

Welcome to our Services section. Here, we offer a range of services to support our community. Whether you need assistance with narcan distribution or training, we are here to lend a helping hand. Explore the services below to learn more.


Narcan Distribution

Our Narcan Distribution service aims to provide life-saving medication to those in need. We understand the importance of quick response in emergency situations. With our trained professionals, we ensure that Narcan is distributed efficiently and effectively, helping to save lives.


Training Programs

At Lending 2 Hands, we believe in empowering our community through education. Our Training Programs are designed to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to respond to emergencies. From basic first aid to advanced life support, our comprehensive training ensures that you are prepared to make a difference.


Community Support

In addition to our core services, we are committed to providing ongoing support to our community. Whether it's organizing awareness campaigns, collaborating with local organizations, or offering resources and guidance, we strive to create a supportive network that fosters well-being and safety for all.

Get Involved

You Can Make a Difference

Men Volunteering

Make a Donation

Be a Part of Real Change

We believe the best way for our initiatives to be successful is for the community to become actively involved. If you are looking for a fulfilling means in which to be a part of our efforts, then it’s time to Make a Donation and join Lending 2 Hands efforts.

Attend an Event

Become an Active Member

Do you feel called to be a part of our work and support one of our teams? If you’ve decided to Attend an Event, rest assured that your time spent contributing to the work of Lending 2 Hands will be felt by the people that need it most.

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Dog Shelter

Make a Donation

Be a Part of Real Change

We believe the best way for our initiatives to be successful is for the community to become actively involved. If you are looking for a fulfilling means in which to be a part of our efforts, then it’s time to Make a Donation and join Lending 2 Hands efforts. is an excellent resource for donations for events in your hosting.

In the News

Stay in the Know

L2H provides resources such as housing, food, and employment for unhoused community and a safe and secure environment. We are here to make a commitment to change and help those who need it most with empathy and compassion...

We will be holding our first annual spring bbq to feed our unhoused guests at Cesar Chavez Plaza in Sacramento please come join us and make this event one to remember .

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